Adopt a School

Many seafarers will remember the Ship Adoption Society that linked individual schools to ships, opening the world to children in those schools. Members of the MNA have agreed to adapt this and adopt a new initiative with one or more schools in their local communities.
Appreciation, even knowledge, of the UK’s maritime heritage of exploration and trade across thousands of miles of ocean offers an exciting and hugely rewarding story of adventure and technological advance. Many would say the ship was at the forefront of every chapter in our County’s technical advance and trade was the wealth that built a nation; the social and economical history that also built an imperfect but benevolent empire…contrast and compare.
The MNA continues to campaign for wider recognition of our maritime heritage and our ‘Adopt a School’ policy hopes to contribute to a positive change in perception of how our country developed such a significant role in the development of world trade and the seafarers who made a difference to how we live our lives today.

To stimulate and educate students in;
– How seafarers first explored the world beginning in the Mediterranean and the ‘Aegean Sea Lore’
– How the wool, linen and wine trade brought together the prospect of world trade and the first European
  bank in Italy
– How the names originated for new towns, mountains and rivers all over the world
– How as late as the 50’s, 25% of world trade was continued in British registered ships
– How 95% of trade is now continued by ships of many nations…by sea
– How, in times of war and conflict, the Merchant Navy and its seafarers made such a significant and often
  critical contribution to the survival of our Country and saved so many lives
– How the “Fourth Service” were such an integral element of HM Forces support
– How containers became the main carriage of goods by sea that introduced globalisation to the world

To be achieved by;
– All members and volunteer speakers, both ashore and afloat
– Our war veterans who have their own very personal ‘take’ on history
– National and local programmes of awareness to teaching professionals
– Promotional leaflets, videos and School Packs
– Special web pages on the revised Red Duster site focused on youth education and development
– Promotion in our Full Ahead quarterly magazine, our E-Newsletter, Facebook and LinkedIn sites
– Networking with other interested individuals, groups and organisations
– Press and media campaigns linked to maritime events.
– Speaking engagements to business and veteran groups to encourage their support with their contacts