Registered Charity Name 

The name of the organisation shall be “The Merchant Navy Association”.  Branches and members shall not add, change, promote or present any other interpretation of that name. This name is a Registered Trademark under number 2390661.


To relieve and assist all serving and retired seafarers and their dependants who are in hardship or distress by;

  1. providing advice, information and practical support on such matters as pensions, health, social security, debt management and other subjects affecting their welfare.
  1. providing or paying for goods, services or facilities.
  2. facilitating the payment of grants and loans.
  3. making grants of money to other persons or bodies who provide goods, services or facilities to those in need.
  1. fostering comradeship and consideration to all those in the community of the sea.
  2. contributing to the advice and education of those seeking a career at sea and encouraging the young and life-long learners to maximise their opportunities.

To advance the education of the public in;

  1. the purpose of the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets and their role in the commercial life of the United Kingdom
  2. the impact of our maritime heritage, as an island nation, on world events and the often significant and strategic role of our seafarers
  1. new scientific or other research of particular benefit to seafarers and the publication of the results of that research.

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The MNA will strive to ensure all live a dignified life, free from poverty and debt with access to all reasonable healthcare and domestic assistance.  We aim to build an environment where their needs can be more readily accessed and where nobody feels alone.  We will also seek to support and help their carers when possible.  We will seek to bring ‘shipmates’ together in the spirit of comradeship including the recently MNWB sponsored Community Links telephone conferencing.





The MNA will work to ensure that wives, widows, former wives and partners of seafarers of working age and their dependants have access to a reasonable quality of life including adequate accommodation, clothing, education and holidays.





The MNA will work with others for seafarers to have access to reasonable shore amenities and medical assistance.  We will support initiatives for improved communications with families and loved ones as well as financial help for those families.  Former seafarers of working age should not fall through the ‘benefit net’ and will have the same access to help and advice as those of retirement age.  We will also work with other agencies who help retired servicemen and women find a job.





The MNA will work with those involved in maritime youth groups, such as Sea Scouts and Sea Cadets, with such things as cost of facilities and transport.  This will also include advice on careers and training.  MNA branches will work with local schools through the “Branch School Adoption Policy” to encourage greater awareness of our maritime heritage and how children can be involved. This will support MNA national policy initiatives of inclusion and support.





This means working with other charities to maximise what can be achieved in improving the effectiveness and efficiency for the access and delivery of grants and awareness of the needs of this sector.