SEA REASON‘ is a Merchant Navy Charity, which seeks to support the needs of Merchant Navy Veterans and their families. Merchant ships transported essential supplies to troops in Afghanistan as they did in both Gulf wars.  Nearly 3,000 merchant seafarers received the South Atlantic Medal 30 years ago. In the major conflicts since 1945 and the two World Wars the line was never broken when this country needed the services of the Merchant Navy and its often undervalued merchant seafarers. Their commitment and sacrifice in WWII has never been truly recognised with 1 in 4 dying at sea; with no grave but the sea.  Appalling losses and injuries with many still suffering from their commitment and dedication.

The Merchant Navy Association has been active in the voluntary sector since 1989, campaigning on behalf of all those seafarers in need and seeking recognition of their achievements. Over one million men and women now form the UK’s merchant seafaring communities with our MN veterans needing our support the most. Please help us help them. You could be the 1% that makes a 100% difference for someone in real need.

Capt John Sail MNM MNI
MNA National Chairman