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Full Membership.  This is open to any person who has “signed-on” ships Articles plus MCA seagoing employees, lifeboat men, lighter men and fishermen. Application Forms are available from the MNA’s Membership Secretary or may be downloaded from either of our websites, and Successful applicants will be advised of their nearest branch. Any member who, for any reason, is unable to join a branch will be registered as a member of the National Branch or an Overseas Area Branch. No member may be a member of more than one branch of the MNA although all members are welcome in any branch and are encouraged to take part in both social and more formal branch events. This is where they can join others with similar experiences of a unique way of life to “swing the lamp”.

Associate Membership.  This is available to any other person who supports the MNA’s objectives.  Seafarer’s families and friends are encouraged to support us by joining as well as business contacts and members of other maritime organisations.

Honorary Membership.  This is generally bestowed by the National or Branch Executive Committee on a prominent local person who has made a significant contribution for seafarers in their area.

Subscriptions.  The amount of the National Subscription fee is set by the members and may only be changed by approval of the members at an AGM.  A “one-off” registration fee, to help with the costs associated with new membership, will also be required. Joining fees are due when a membership application is approved.  Annual subscription fees are due on the 1st January but a member joining after the 31st July, in any year, is only required to pay half the full rate of the national subscription fee. The payment of your first subscription fee will be acknowledged by the issue of a membership card and sent within 21 days of receipt of that payment. Any member failing to pay their fees on time will be ineligible to receive any national mailings, which includes their copy of Full Ahead. We look forward to welcoming you aboard. Great progress has been achieved through building a national consensus that speaks on behalf of merchant seafarers.  Your support helps to maintain the momentum towards even more awareness of the needs of merchant seafarers, their families and dependants.

Methods of Payment.  You have a choice of options with a bank Direct Debit preferred to a cheque or postal order or via PayPal using the buttons below. The Direct Debit form is also available for download on our two websites. Please complete and forward all your details for your MNA National Membership.   Membership Forms are available, in a choice of formats, for you to download, but if you have any concerns please phone our National Membership Secretary:

Roy Glencross, Membership Secretary, 3 The Maples, Old Main Road, Fleet Hargate, Spalding, PE12 8NT   Tel: 01406 425527   Email:


Click Here to download an Application Form with Direct Debit in PDF Format.

Click Here to download a Direct Debit Form in PDF Format.

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Notify Us If Your Details Change If you have a change of address and/or telephone number, please advise the Membership Secretary (details above) as soon as possible.

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UK Members

UK ONLY – Annual Membership Fees (Full Year) £8 annual fee + £4 Joining Fee = £12 in total (£8 per annum thereafter subject to remaining unchanged) (Membership year 1st Jan – 31st Dec)

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Overseas Members

OVERSEAS – Annual Membership Fees (Full Year) £13 annual fee + £4 Joining Fee = £17 (£13 per annum thereafter subject to remaining unchanged) (Membership year 1st Jan – 31st Dec)

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Lifetime Membership Options:

Become a member for life with a single transaction – no more renewals – just one lump sum payment and that is it – and if you are over 50 you get an automatic discount up to 50% OFF.

UK Lifetime membership Under 50’s – £500 and Over 50’s – £250
Overseas Lifetime membership Under 50’s – £750 and Over 50’s – £450
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Alternatively do it by Post:

Send a cheque made out to ‘Merchant Navy Association’ to the MNA’s Membership Secretary: Roy Glencross, Membership Secretary, 3 The Maples, Old Main Road, Fleet Hargate, Spalding, PE12 8NT   Tel: 01406 425527   Email: